Preview: Risk of Rain 2

In 2013, Hopoo Games released upon the world a peculiar action game called Risk of Rain. The premise was that you were the lone survivor (or one of four survivors should you decide to opt into the multiplayer function of the game) of a crashed delivery vessel trying to make your way through a series of alien worlds. You could choose from a variety of classes unlocked through challenges completed through your various runs, each set up with unique abilities and weapons to fight against the ever-coming swarm of blob monsters, crab-beasts and magical space jellyfish. Throughout all of this, the more enemies you killed, the more money they dropped, and you’d be able to purchase and unlock new items that added buffs and unique passive abilities to your arsenal. Continue reading

Why Do Lock-picking and Hacking Mini-games Suck?

When I pick locks in real life, it’s not a fun little endeavour; the cops are usually after me, and I definitely need to be anywhere else in a hurry. In video games, however, it would seem that when I need to pick a lock the developers have decided that time will freeze, enemies won’t care, and playing a mini-game is the best means of immersing me in their world. By adding throwaway, gimmicky segues to these tasks the developers are effectively saying Continue reading