Rear View Review | Final Fantasy X

Rear View FFXThe quality of a game and the enjoyment that one may gain from playing it are not directly connected. A poorly made game, a janky game, even, can become a cult classic through a devout fandom. Shoddy controls, broken animations, unbelievable characters, poor mechanics…these things sometimes add character to the game to the point where the enjoyment is derived from our personal journeys as opposed to the gameplay itself. This is normal. Guilty pleasures exist in every medium. And then we have the opposite. Sometimes a game is perfectly competent with only minor faults that don’t detract from the experience as a whole, and there may even be some genuinely impressive moments and yet the game is not enjoyable. Final Fantasy X is the one of these competent games that isn’t fun to play. Continue reading

Rear View Review | The Tomorrow Children

Games are inherently a means of entertainment, so what does it mean when a game is, by design, not entertaining? This is the question that has been gnawing at me since I finished my time with The Tomorrow Children.ttc-2

The Tomorrow Children is, at its core, a multi-player survival game, requiring people to go out into The Void, an empty abyss in which the entirety of the world resides, and bring back mined rocks and crystals, felled lumber, and hidden Continue reading

Rear View Review | Tap My Katamari

tmk-loading While I enjoy the big budget spectacle as much as anybody else, my true love comes in the form of weirdness and oddity. From The Adventures of Dizzy to Deadly Premonition, I have played and loved weird games, so when I saw 2015’s Tap My Katamari, an offshoot of the often quirky, always adorable Katamari Damacy series, on my phone’s app store, I figured that I could feel that same love of the weird while being out and about. I was wrong. Continue reading