Review | Everything


Everything_20170326143621Everything matters. Likewise, Everything matters. From the tiniest drop of dew on a morning leaf, to the churning gasses of Jupiter’s everlasting storms, Everything seeks to educate its players by instilling in them an appreciation for everything around them. With the assistance of recorded speeches of renowned philosopher Alan Watts, Everything is an interactive piece of brilliance that draws its players out of their defensive, myopic shells to explore and play with the vast world around them. To roam the deserts as a camel, to float about in an infinite void as a formless abstracted shape, to contemplate one’s joys and sorrows as a wad of chewed up bubble gum, Everything is truly a game about one’s place in the universe, and what that really means. Continue reading

Review | Fire Emblem: Heroes

The entirety of my Fire Emblem experience before this game was six hours of playing Fire Emblem: Awakening on a flight from San Francisco tfe-headero Cleveland. I died a lot, I restarted a lot, and I got frustrated more than a lot. I’m almost certain my body is still processing that ulcer. That being said, I was admittedly excited to jump into the second foray of smart phone gaming by Nintendo, Fire Emblem: Heroes. I knew that I would be going into a game whose cousin had whooped me but good a couple of years before, but I booted up Fire Emblem: Heroes with open eyes, a clear mind, an a few antacids. And you know what I found? A surprise.
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Review | Hitman: Season One

hitman-headerAgent 47 is the MacGyver of murder. Drop him into any locale with nothing but his bare hands, bald head and bountiful wits, and he will find a way to kill everybody in a quarter-mile radius. On that premise, IO Interactive’s newest foray into the much beloved, but sometimes maligned, Hitman franchise has fully released its first season of content, and it’s time to see whether or not it is worth the wait, and if a second season is necessary, or even wanted. Continue reading